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Time is precious and every breath even more so. Most people are not aware of children suffering from rare and life-threatening diseases, and that is why your help can make a such a difference in fighting back.
Areas where we most need help:
  • Fundraisers
  • Volunteering
  • Sponsorships
  • Social media support
  • Donations

Tiana-Leigh Lung Foundation is supported by public donations and fundraising events. We are PBO registered and therefore a tax certificate can be issued for donations.

The Foundation is established for the following:

  • Providing support for practical and emotional matters
  • Offering assistance for practical items of care
  • Facilitate contact between families affected by rare diseases
  • To raise awareness to the public of children suffering with rare and life-threatening diseases
  • To raise funds and help with medical expenses, oxygen requirements, medical consumables and equipment of such children
  • To encourage companies and private individuals to invest in and sponsor the cause
  • To encourage children and their families on organized family outings, and to make their lives as normal as possible
The Foundation and volunteers working with the Foundation shall comply with the following
ethic guidelines:
  • All services to children and their families shall be done in a professional manner
  • Services rendered must be sensitive, honest and empathetic
  • No decisions shall be made for any child or their family
  • No promises will be made or guarantees given to children and their families
  • The emotions, fears and anxieties of children and their families shall be respected
  • Children and their families shall not be judged
  • No appointments shall be made on behalf of children’s families or any other professional
  • institutions