Tiana-Leigh Lung Foundation is PBO registered and was launched in aid of Tiana-Leigh, who was born in 2006 with an extremely rare and life-threatening lung disease (ABCA3) and given a few weeks to live.

Not only was she born with a rare and life-threatening lung disease, she was also diagnosed with kidney cancer (Wilms tumour) at the age of 18 months and underwent chemotherapy, removal of her kidney and followed by more chemotherapy. At the age of 8, was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension, and again given a few months to live. Tiana-Leigh cannot be without oxygen for more than a few seconds.         

Tiana-Leigh has a passion for life and lives life to the fullest. She has a continuous list of things she still wants to achieve, and we invite everyone to help and join in to make memories with Tiana-Leigh.  She sets out to show the world that no matter what is wrong with you, you can still enjoy life to the fullest – her motto in life being “Dare to Thrive…not just Survive”
At the same time, sharing her journey will also create the awareness that 
this Princess so desperately needs and to give her a better chance at life….not just Tiana-Leigh, but every child fighting a rare and life-threatening disease.

Tiana has touched and changed the lives of many, and we truly believe that through the Foundation and spreading her story – “A journey of Faith, Hope and Inspiration” she will continue to do so. 

Tiana-Leigh has an amazing relationship with God and this gives her the fighting spirit that she has.

Even though she battles for every breath she takes, is in pain/discomfort, she will always have a smile and a sense of humour – never complains and takes full advantage of life.Although Tiana-Leigh is on permanent oxygen and sleeps on a c pap machine at night, she has grown into an amazing and strong young lady, giving so much hope, inspiring everyone that crosses her path.

Tiana-Leigh has really become the voice and the face of the Foundation and we are extremely proud of her.


We invite everyone across the world to share this journey and make a difference by donating or making a monthly contribution and becoming a sponsor.